The Faculty of Accounting and Auditing (the faculty) was established under Decision No. 94/QĐ-ĐHKTL-TCHC on July 1, 2010 by the Rector of University of Economics and Law (UEL). The prior form of our faculty was Department of Accounting and Auditing founded under Decision No. 26/QĐ/KKT-2002 on November 21, 2002 by the Dean of Faculty of Economics.

From 5 academic staffs since the beginning to 18 academic staffs at the present, our faculty has been designing, operating and developing two undergraduate courses in the major of accounting and auditing on 3 areas: regular training, in-service training and transitional training. The faculty also has an agreement with Eastern Kentucky University (USA) for 2 MBA exchanging scholarships specialized in accounting and auditing.

The faculty has been designing, operating and developing 26 syllabuses which are trained for the students in the major of accounting, auditing and others in UEL. Our lecturers have also guided accounting and auditing seniors to accomplish internship reports and graduation papers. In school-year 2014 – 2015, Faculty of Accounting and Auditing manages 13 official classes.

After 14 years, our faculty has a team of highly qualified academic staff who assure that the quality of training and studying complies with international educating standards. To date, many specialists in accounting and auditing field has been trained by the faculty. They have both sufficient professional skills and expertise to contribute on the development of not only accountancy but also national economy in general.


In the academic year 2020 - 2021, the Faculty has 20 regular university classes from K17 to K20 including: 12 Accounting classes (of which are 8 high-quality classes) and 08 Auditing classes (of which are 4 High Quality). The Faculty has enrolled 04 master courses in non-concentration accounting.


Updated on May 19, 2021

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