The Faculty of Accounting and Auditing was established under The Decision No. 94/QD-ĐHKTL-TCHC of July 1, 2010, of the President of the University of Economics and Law (formerly the Department of Accounting and Auditing established under Decision No. 26/QD/KKT-2002 of the Dean of Economics).


Since its establishment with 5 employees, the staff of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing has increased to 19 people, including 18 lecturers and 1 specialist. The faculty level consists of 1 associate doctoral professor, 5 Ph.D., 12 masters (including 4 Ph.D. students). Currently, the Faculty has undergraduate programs in the formal university system in 2 majors of Accounting and Auditing; a master's degree in Accounting (since 2017).


The faculty's training program is regularly updated to meet social needs. Domestic and foreign enterprises highly appreciate the training program as well as the quality of resource training.


The faculty is responsible for teaching 22 undergraduate subjects for two majors in Accounting, Auditing and other economics majors of the University of Economics and Law; organize the implementation for students in 2nd and 3rd years to implement the Report on Training, the last year of implementation of the study topic report and the graduation the thesis on course; to guide and test the subject of faculty-level student NCKH.


After more than 19 years of establishment and development, the Faculty now has a high-quality teaching and learning force that ensures the quality of teaching and learning meets international standards. Since 2006, the Faculty has trained 15 graduate courses (2nd to 16th courses) including many experts in the field of Accounting, Auditing, high professional skills, and socio-economic knowledge necessary for professional development.


*In the academic year 2020 - 2021, the Faculty has 20 formal university classes from K17-K20 including 12 Accounting classes (including 8 high-quality classes) and 08 Audit classes (including 4 high-quality classes). The faculty has enrolled in 04 master's courses in Unfocused Accounting.

Updated June 30, 2021