Researching directions

Researching directions from 2021- 2025


Direction 1: Information on financial statements, accounting management reports.

Direction 2: Policies and institutions related to accounting, auditing, tax and finance in Vietnam during the integration period.
Direction 3: Impact of information technology in the field of accounting and auditing.

Direction 4: Related to education, accounting – auditing training, acts of accountants, auditors, professional ethics, internal control, internal audit.

Direction 5: Non-financial information release.


Researching directions from 2016 to 2020


Direction 1: Study of legal policies and institutions (focusing on accounting, finance and auditing)

Direction 2: Research and application of information technology and improve management information system in corporate governance
Direction 3: Research on financial statements, quality of information in financial statements.


Researching directions from 2013 – 2015

Direction 1:Research contributes to improving legal institutions and corporate governance models for economic development

1. Application of international accounting standards IFRS to small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam

2. Factors affecting the quality of integrated financial statements in Vietnam (2013-2017)

3. Impact of IFRS on financial statements of listed enterprises in Vietnam

Direction 2: Basic research and application in industrial management: Research on information technology application and completion of management information system.

1. Factors impacting the quality of accounting information in the computer environment

2. Providing social services to workers in industrial parks in Ho Chi Minh City