On 22 October 2016, The WAPA Challenging 2016 Final took place in Hall A, University of Economics and Law. Through the challenging rounds, the organisation board found out 8 most oustanding candidates to enter the final: Anh Tuan, Thieu Diem, Minh Ngoc, Thuc Giang, Hoang Yen, Huy Thong and Dinh Khanh.

After 2 years, WAPA Challenging 2016 comes back with bigger scale and becomes more professional.

Impressive greeting of 8 candidates

The final included 4 challenging parts with a wide range of questions testing on both knowledge and skills. This was a chance for the candidates to perform their oustanding technical skills and professionalism. The audiences experienced the extremely excellent and fascinating competitions.

The audiences enthusiastically cheered 8 candidates on.

The face-to-face competition between Anh Tuan and Thieu Diem

After 3 dramatic parts, 3 most oustanding candidates were selected to the last one: Anh Tuan, Hoang Yen and Dinh Khanh.


The last part - Shine was really stressful, which was an opportunity for every candidate to show their skills of problem solution, presentation and negotiation with the difficult and practical questions from the judges. This was a challenge for 3 talented candidates and a criteria to  find out the winner.

8 candidates deserve the rewards from the organisation board.

Finally, the champion's name was announced with the joy of everyone: Nguyen Anh Tuan. By his confidence, bravery and wide knowledge, Anh Tuan persuasively became the winner of WAPA Challenging 2016 with the extremely excellent performance. 

Nguyen Anh Tuan (from University of Economics and Law, second from the left) was awarded the championship.

Prepared carefully and professionally with the communication sponsors and units, WAPA Challenging is really a helpful and interesting playground in which students can perform their abilities, impress the employers and find career oppotunity. This is a hopeful and potential contest which will be more and more development in the future.

Some pictures at the final:

(Translated by Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hà)

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