Field trip in Da Nang, class K17405C

On April 24 - 26, 2021, the CLC Accounting class, course K17, had an internship trip at the Head Office of ATT Consulting and Business Solutions Co., Ltd (Da Nang City). Students participate in the field trip with enthusiasm, seriousness, and thorough preparation of professional knowledge to exchange and discuss when coming to the company.

Here, students can visit and learn the functions and duties of each department, especially the work that accountants are doing. Along with direct sharing from Director Le Thi Thuy Trang as well as Ms. Duong Kieu Trang - Sales Director, has brought a lot of value to students in terms of expertise, experience, knowledge, skills and knowledge. attitude...

The internship is one of a series of activities that the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing has implemented in order to prepare necessary skills for students in the process of conquering career opportunities. Not only that, early contact with employers also helps students have more motivation and become more confident to realize their goals.

Some pictures of the training trip: