The field trip in Viet Silk Co.,Ltd in Bao Loc- Lam Dong of classes K17405C and K17409C

From 05/06/2019 to 07/06/2019, the Department of Accounting-Auditing organized a tour in Việt Silk Co., Ltd in Bao Loc- Lam Dong for students of class K17405C and K17409C.

In this field trip, students can visit and learn about the production process, organizational structure, and accounting apparatus, the process of calculating the cost of the company. Students participate in the knowledge session enthusiastically, completing the assigned tasks. Student's reports from the trip show that the students grasped key takeaways from the field trip, know how to compare the learned theory (financial accounting 1) and the reality at the company (the process of calculating costs); the trip allowed students to penetrate reality, compare theory and reality as well as experiences of professionalism in the office and skills to integrate into the new environment.The training session ended with many good impressions for students.

The training also helps teachers have more lively practical examples, serving the teaching of the Department and schools. The meeting also strengthened the relationship between the Department of Accounting-Auditing and the University of Economics and Law (UEL) with enterprises, creating a good impression on the Department and the School for businesses.Some photos of the rehearsal.

Here are some pictures of the trip: