Training session at Ajinomoto Long Thanh factory of classes K18405C and K18409C

On March 5, 2019, the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing organized a visit to Ajinomoto Long Thanh - Dong Nai Factory for students of high quality audit classes K18409C and K18405C.

Here, students can visit the showroom and listen to the company's introduction such as the history of Ajinomoto Corporation, the field of operation of Ajinomoto Corporation, the main products, the group's social activities in Vietnam.

Understanding the process and machines helps students understand the production process, form the concept of work in progress, tangible fixed assets. Viewing the sample process from raw materials to products will help students understand the general production process for calculating production costs in the following modules. This will help rising economic transactions and will be easy to visualize to evaluate transactions and accounts. Professional attitude, punctuality and compliance with protection procedures are essential qualities for a future accountant.

The field trip is a meaningful extracurricular activity that helps students connect knowledge from theory to practice for better preparation. The internship ended with many good impressions for the students.

Picture from the training session: