Pham Nhat Quyen - the girl who achieved the CFAB certificate within 9 months

Recently, Pham Nhat Quyen, currently a student of class K18409T, High Quality System of the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing, University of Economics and Law, VNU-HCM has completed 6 subjects and obtained CFAB certificate all within 9 months.

The roadmap to conquer ICAEW was outlined very clearly by Quyen from the very beginning: within 1 year complete 6 CFAB subjects, in 3 and 4 years complete Professional level with 6 further subjects, then 3 years of internship in one of the four Big4 companies, as a premise to advance to Advanced level, and at the same time enhancing English in order to learning and working.

She is determined to win the noble title of Certified Public Accountant (ICAEW Chartered Accountant), go abroad to study and work, and dream of becoming the CFO of a large company.

Pham Nhat Quyen is typical of GenZ, knowing herself, knowing what she wants, dares to dream on and determined to achieve her goals. ICAEW CFAB is an opportunity that an aspiring GenZ should not miss. Because the values that ICAEW CFAB bring to young people is not only a certificate, but also knowledge and practical experience in the fields of business, accounting and finance, opening up opportunities. Attending foreign financial school, taking you further, firmly and more successfully on your career path.


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