KPMG Ambassador 2022

KPMG in Vietnam is excited to launch the Ambassadors Program 2022! We're searching for a broad group of talents from Vietnam universities who are passionate about KPMG Employer Branding and are eager to share KPMG values to others.
As KPMG Ambassadors, we:
  • We ARE 2nd and 3rd-year students of universities in Vietnam.
  • We HAVE a major in Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Law, Finance, Business, Information Technology, etc.
  • We ARE passionate about joining KPMG.
  • We HAVE strong communication skills.
As KPMG Ambassadors, our roles and benefits:
  • We will share experience and information with students and help with KPMG career fairs, university workshops/forums, office visits, etc.
  • We will have the opportunity to participate in KPMG events to better understand our culture.
  • We will meet excellent people through networking sessions and access to KPMG leaders and staff.
If you are ready to make an impact as KPMG Ambassadors, APPLY NOW!
Submit your CV and Cover letter to with subject "KPMG Ambassador Application - Fullname" before 3 July 2022!
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