The fieldtrip in Tay Ninh Province in September, 2015.

From 5/9/2015 to 6/9/2015, the Department of Accounting-Auditing and Department of Finance - Banking jointly organized trips to businesses in Tay Ninh Province with 2 classes:K14409C, K14404C. The trip took place in impressive landscapes and left many lessons for the students of two classes.

In the morning 5/9/2015 The minibus started bringing students to Brotex Vietnam Co. (stock limited company under BROS Dongfang, China), is a company with 100% foreign capital, islocated in N12 road, Phuoc Dong industrial park, Go Dau District, Tay Ninh Province. Brotex Co. Ltd., had been exchanging students with the presentation from Mr. Han Zhang Kui Gongjin - Directors of Brotex Co. Ltd., about construction of company in Vietnam Brotex, industrial scale and recruitment mechanism .Then, students visited the factory to learn more
Brotex yarn color on the process color yarn. During the visit, the students also learned more about the company's departments and personnel size, the output of the fiber color and the cooperation of corporations.At 2:30 the students went to visit Tay Ninh, Ba Den mountain.

In the morning 6/9/2015, 7:30 students visited the Central Command South to learn more about the Vietnam military with the leaders of Vietnam at that time. In the afternoon, the students continued their training at the company in Hoa Hiep Hung Company. Here, students are learning about the raw products of rubber is collected, processing and distribution of the raw products.

Here are some pictures of the event:

(Translated by Trần Phương Quỳnh)

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