Class K17405CA and K18405CA practice session in Hanoi

On November 18-21, 2020, two classes K17405CA and K18405CA had a visit and training session in Hanoi.

The internship session at KPMG Auditing Company, students can visit and learn about their departments and professional working environment. Know more about the Company and how it operates. Create opportunities to directly contact, experience, observe and learn from the real environment as well as learn about the company's recruitment policies and methods, thereby strengthening awareness toward their profession, accumulating more skills, forming the right attitude of the future career orientation of accounting - auditing.

During the field trip across Vietnam, students in both classes also had the opportunity to visit the Hanoi National Economics University (NEU) and interact with CFAB students. The field trip also strengthened the relationship between the Faculty of Accounting- Auditing and the University of Economics and Law, between businesses and universities.


Some pictures of the trip: