On 25 October 2015, The 2015 WAPA Challenging Final took place successfully in Hall A, University of Economics and Law. Top 9 candidates from 3 famous universities throughout the city were selected to enter the final.

  1. Team As One - University of Economics and Law
  2. Team Young Generation - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
  3. Team Goodwill – Banking University Ho Chi Minh City

The tough final included 5 parts: “Interview”, “Probation”, “Talented Employee”, “ I am a Chief Accountant” and “Shining Talent”. It was said that 5 parts, diversity of both knowledge and skills, give top 9 candidates a chance to show their outstanding abilities. The audiences experienced the really exciting and excellent challenges. Finally, organisation department found out the owners who are worthy of the valuable prices with the final result:

THE CHAMPION: Team As One – University of Economics and Law

RUNNER – UP: Team Young Generation – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

THE THIRD PRIZE: Team Goodwill – Banking University Ho Chi Minh City

Meanwhile, through the part “Shining Talent” with the topic of personal presentation, the candidate named NGUYEN MAC KHAI really conquered the judges and audiences to become the winner of WAPA Challenging this year by his preeminence of skills and bravery.

At the final, the audiences had a chance not only to experience 5 competitive parts of  top 9 candidates but also to enjoy the musical performance from music team of University of  Economics and Law and to participate in the part for audiences and lucky lotteries to be given attractive presents.

Congratulations on the success of all candidates again. We hope that WAPA Challenging will be a step for you to touch to success in the future.

Orgnisation department gives the best thanks to: Diamond Sponsor – ICAEW, Silver Sponsor: CPA Australia, Scholarship sponsor: Smart Train training center, Yola Institute, Swinburne University of Technology and the co-sponsor: Odyssey Resources Co., Ltd that trusted, cared and went together with us.

Organisation department respectfully gives thanks to the teachers and the ex-students. These are big encouragement and support for us to help WAPA Challenging become an annual academic contest for Accounting and Auditing students. We wish the teachers and units health and success! Thank you for your support and going together, Youth Union of University of Economics and Law, Youth Union of the faculty of Accounting and Auditing, the units, the clubs that help us enthusiastically with organizing contest.

Finally, we give the best thanks to all students that always care and follow our contest. We hope that this contest bring you much helpful knowledge and experience. Wish you the best in study and practice.

WAPA Challenging 2015 came to an end entirely and left us an unforgettable impress . Thank you, everyone again!

See you in WAPA Challenging 2016!

(Translated by Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hà)

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