The fieldtrip in Ajnomoto Company in Dong Nai province

05.05.2016, the Department of Accounting-Auditing organized a tour in Ajinomoto Factory in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai for students in Auditing classes K15409C (high program quality). Here, the students were introduced about company’s history, the corporate activity of Ajnomoto, the main products and the social activities in Vietnam. Then, students directly involved experiencing the company’s process of Aji-delicious and the staff of the Ajinomoto thoroughly explain the production process of manufacturing. The trip is the meaningful extracurricular activity helping students to apply knowledge from theory to practical issues. The trip gained great impression from most of students.

Some pictures of the trip:

 Wear protective gear before entering the plant:

(Translated by Trần Phương Quỳnh)

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